Curriculum, Décor & More for Progressive Children´s Church & Sunday School.

We tell the Bible stories in the context of the eras in which they were written.
Written for Churches who seek Christian Education for their children that is Bible based inclusive and gender balanced. The original text is honored and adapted to be easily understood by children from Kindergarten through 4th Grade.

Atmosphere Creating Wall Décor


Our framed pictures and posters also feature people and scenes that are inclusive and gender-­‐balanced. The eight Bible characters in the 13” x 19” pictures in out Wall of Prophets, for example, depict an equal number of women the Bible lists as Prophets alongside the men we usually see.

The Seven Very Bad Choices


Children Love animals. Our posters and stories about The Seven Deadly Sins, or from a child’s perspective, The Seven Very Bad Choices, feature traditional animal symbols of the seven notorious sins; the proud horse, the angry bear, the gluttonous pig, etc. These become permanent wall décor after the series of lessons are told, but are always there waiting for the next generation of students. Each animal is accompanied by a complete story to be read aloud, a teacher’s study guide, coloring sheets and quizzes.

Four Weeks of Advent


The Four Weeks of Advent, pictures for framing. These pieces of art teach children not only about each week of the Advent Season with their candles of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love, but also why these weeks additional symbols are the Prophets, the Shepherds, The Cradle of Christ, and the Angels. Written lessons, stories and coloring pages accompany these colorful pictures that will also become permanent wall displays.

Christian Symbols


Our Christian Symbols, posters of well known and little-­‐known symbols that will fascinate children and keep them guessing. A teacher’s study guide and activity sheets accompany each of the symbols. Included among them are the symbols and colors for every Liturgical Season.

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